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Transformation Is Embracing Change

How do you change something that’s at the heart and soul of an organization? Cultures that took years to shape are certainly not going to change overnight or as a result of a re-written mission statement and an hour-long speech from the CEO. Cultural evolution takes time. Lots of time.

Transformation initiatives surrounded by the wrong organizational culture and DNA results in an unsatisfied workforce, chaos, confusion, and political collusion.

If an organization’s leadership is unable to inspire its people, how can those leaders expect their workforce to bring initiative, imagination, and passion to their work every day?

A strong, shared sense of purpose also removes many obstacles, and this has to be communicated from the top. …

Civilization, Hierarchy, Power, and Politics

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Various civilization has evolved throughout human history. We evolved from “State of Nature” to “Savagery” to “Barbarism” to “Civilization”.

These are the stages we passed through before we reached the apex of any civilization. This also means that the civilization is by default linked with hierarchy, which will eventually get linked with power and politics.

We could see this reflection in almost all the companies. Most of the companies will start small ( State of Nature). …

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What could be this?

We all use the word “ Best “ in our daily life. Not once but many times and on many occasions.

But what is the meaning of this word? According to the Cambridge dictionary, it is “ the superlative of GOOD which means excelling all others or something of the highest quality, or being the most suitable, or Pleasing, or effective thing or a person

Then what is the meaning of the word cheap? It means something low in price. Throughout life somehow the word cheap is also linked with “products with inferior quality”. …

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Bend it like the Platform wants

I started growing up playing and was a big football fan, have never missed any of the games. During my college days like many , I was also a fan of Beckham. We were impressed and fascinated by the impeccable ability of Beckham to bend the ball. I could remember all of those freekicks and still watch many of them on Youtube these days.

Years have passed, that generation has grown up and I also started “Bending.” …

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The new normal for some in eCommerce: Compelled Commerce

During my last vacation, I wanted to buy a mixer grinder for my Mom, I went online and researched different products and nailed down to a couple of them. Then after discussing with my mom and wife I decided to go to the shop and buy it ( the instant gratification thing).

I went with them to one of the oldest and biggest brick & mortar electronics retailer in our home town. …

Managing a group of people with different personalities is never easy. But when you are

Managing a team it’s essential to know what motivates the people, how they react to positive or negative feedbacks?.

Regardless of age, culture or gender, there are only three motivating factors

  1. Achievement
  2. Affiliation
  3. Power

If you understand the three factors then you can classify the team into these buckets and then approach them based on what they need.

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Achievement, Affiliation, and POwer

Achievement :

It’s the urge to achieve something. People who possess high achievements are the ones who always want to excel in their fields. …

We have a natural tendency to be proud of our achievements and share our positive results with others. But when it comes to failure, we usually attribute it to the external factors: the system, the bank, the teacher, the school, the country, etc.
It’s easier to find mistakes and blames others because of the Ego. Ego is a self-defense mechanism that prevents us from admitting mistakes.
Freud’s personality theory (1923) saw the psyche structured into three parts (i.e., tripartite) the id, ego, and superego all developing at different stages in our lives. …

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We are Born, We Grow Up and We Die

We are Born, We Grow Up and We Die…

The only thing which you can control in this equation is what are you doing while you are growing up.
Why are you doing that? Is that making you happy? You only have one life so we should make it count.

Finding that purpose requires balancing many things. You need to find that one thing which makes you happy. Our companies and leaders used to say we are sacrificing this for the greater good of the company, world, or country. I don’t disagree with doing what the world needs because it is important, but it should not be at the expense of your happiness. You might think of doing what you do best makes sense, but will anybody pay you for that. Because at the end of the day you need money to survive in the world.

This is when the Japanese principle of IKIGAI comes into play. IKIGAI means “Reason of Being”.This …

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Hi Buddy!

An organization is a group of diversified people from different cultures, educational qualifications, and different interests. It’s like a subset of the economy. it’s essential that, everyone has to work together to deliver great results for the company.

When working with many companies we might have noticed that office politics were always affecting the productivity of the resources and the company itself. There is politics in almost all companies. But the question is how unhealthy it can become.

But have you ever thought why politics happens in companies, many a times the answer I get is companies are the reflection of an economy so there will be politics inside every company? …

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We are going through really tough times, really unprecedented times. Life is really difficult for all of us. But the tough times always teach us new life lessons. This pandemic has helped us in identifying the true color of the Nations, leaders, and companies who rave about humanitarian behavior.

The most powerful nations and its leaders are exploring ways to open up the economy, the biggest tech companies in the world are trying to capitalize the market using their new tech, Leaders are trying to come up with new stories which will help to open up the economy. If you look at it only a very few amount these groups thought about the people, the employees, and the sufferings. …


Bivek Renuji

Product Management Leader | eCom End to End Scholar | Coach | Digital&Agile Transformation Meister

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