1. Achievement
  2. Affiliation
  3. Power
Achievement, Affiliation, and POwer

Achievement :

It’s the urge to achieve something. People who possess high achievements are the ones who always want to excel in their fields. They tend to avoid low risk and low rewarding things and focus on high risk high rewarding things.

Affiliation :

It’s the urge of a person to have the social and interpersonal skills. These people like to work collaboratively and they tend to avoid highrisk situations and they get nervous with uncertainties.


Is the desire within a person to Control, authority over another, influence, and change the decisions of others. For these groups of people, power is the motivation factor.



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Bivek Renuji

Bivek Renuji

Principal Consultant-Digital & Omni Channel Commerce | Reimagining Commerce| Transforming People & Companies | Product Management Leader |Coach