“PaaS Vs SaaS” A.k.a. “Alacarte vs Buffet”

Before going into the PaaS Vs SaaS let me tell you a small story, which I believe is very much related to what we are going to discuss and accidentally both of these happened on the same day.

I was very exited because Peter and Angelina who used to work with me in US was coming to visit Dubai. We were the foodies in the office. We used to try all the restaurants in every nook and corner of California.

This time when we meet again I wanted to take them to the food places in Dubai (Only foodies will understand this sorry !!).

I took them to a new restaurant because they claim to have the best buffet with most number of dishes, around 50 + . Not just that they keep on adding more items each day.

When we went there, we found it was a mix of Indian and Asian flavors. I looked at my group, Peter is from France he would love to have the croissant. Angelina is from US she loves her cheese burgers with a big beef patty and BBQ sauce on it. As I am an Indian I was ok with all the flavors and options they had there.

Let take a pause on the food trail and get into the stuff we should be discussing PaaS Vs SaaS, but in the meantime don’t forget the above story as we will be coming back to it.

It was that critical final meeting to select the vendor and platform. The main discussion around the table was, should we go with the PaaS or SaaS model. We had finalized the vendor and product but we were really unsure about which model to choose. Some says it should be PaaS while others supported SaaS, because it has the buzz word “Cloud”. The world is moving towards cloud so we should also be moving towards that because that is the future. As we were almost falling into the honey trap, we decided to have one more meeting with the selected vendor and Product manufacturer.

The next day we all assembled across the table as they were about to start the presentation when one among us asked “ What is the USP of your SaaS version and what will we get?”

I felt the product team was waiting for that question,

“The main USP is since it is SaaS the features which we are building for any clients will be available to everyone. That means you are getting a platform which is getting enriched on a day to day basic and the cost for maintenance would be much cheaper”.

The same person asked “ So you have seen our requirements, are you sure that you can fulfill all the requirements with SaaS”

“ Yes! of course, even if some of the features are not there we will make sure that we take that to the product backlog, so that you will get it as part of the future product releases. We will be sharing the product road map. Which will have the details of what features will be released at what point of time “

While they were having this discussion, I was thinking about the evening meeting with my old colleagues. In the background the sugar coating was happening even stronger and they made sure we all fall into the honey trap.

Let’s take a pause and go back to the interesting food story.

Peter was looking for his favorite croissant and he managed to get one which looked like a croissant, Similarly Angelina got a burger which looked like one with cheese and beef patty in it and I picked a chicken hariyali Tikka and some fried rice. After seeing their expression I could easily make out that they were not happy with the dishes which they got. That ruined my mood , suddenly I noticed the comment in the flyer which was on the table.

“ We take your feedback and we improve , Please ask for “John” “

I asked for John and a guy came over he was polite and friendly he explained to us about how they improve their dishes, he said

“ Sir, this is a fusion restaurant we take your feedback and we improve our dishes. If you think we are missing something important then we make sure it is getting added to our menu so that all the new and existing customer can enjoy the new flavors and dishes “

I looked at the fusion samosa I was having “ It was filled with cheese macaroni and chicken tikka”.

I thought “Nice ! what a fusion.”, I smiled and look at him.

We shared our feedbacks and frustrations with him.

After patiently listening to everything ,John said

“ We value your feedback, and apologies for the mistakes which has happened from our side. We will soon incorporate this in our menu and I will send you a free buffet voucher at that time. I would love you to come back and enjoy the dishes. Next time we will make sure all your feedbacks are getting incorporated in the dishes. “So sir, I hope to see you soon and thank you for your feedback & once again apologies for our mistakes “.

When I was driving back home I was thinking “ I should have gone for an Alacarte option because we were pretty sure what we need and our recipe had lot of customizations. In that case it is always good to go for an Alacarte .. mm. I should consider this as a learning and tomorrow I should take them for an Alacarte option..

I kept on thinking about that and pacified myself “ Alacarte would have been good but it depends on the cook who makes it”

To be continued…..

Product Management Leader | eCom End to End Scholar | Coach | Digital&Agile Transformation Meister

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