Soon we are going to be Gods!!!

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This week’s History Mystery and Imagination: Dare to believe it?” session we are going to interview a special person who is proposing a new theory of evolution of complex creatures and author of the best-selling book “Soon we are going to be Gods!!”. It’s none other than Professor Dr.David Patel.

Please welcome Mr. Patel to our History Mystery seat ….

David Patel: Thank you for inviting me.

Interviewer: As usual let’s get straight into the subject, Mr. Patel are you an atheist?Because after reading your theory and the book people might feel like that?

David Patel: I won’t say Yes or No to that question because I like to call myself an atheist but there are times where I had to desperately thank someone and in those times I choose “God”. “Thank God !! and take a deep breath”…But if you look at the question from my theories perspective then we are goings to be Gods soon

Interviewer: I like that comment about desperately thanking someone. You are right I have also felt that at times we have to desperately thank someone. But what was your trigger point which helped in coming up with such a theory?

David Patel: You know I am a half Indian, i.e. my mom is Indian. During my school vacations, I used to visit my grandma who was in India. She used to tell me so many stories. Stories from Indian epics, In almost all the stories God/Goddess used to appear in front of the devotees and give them the boon. After hearing these stories I started to pray hard, and for two three days, I didn’t have any food and I was praying because according to those stories God will appear only if you pray continuously without opening the eyes. At last, God appeared in front of me.

Interviewer: What? God ? Are you joking!! Did you happen to see God?

Mr. Patel was smiling….

David Patel: Ya!! God came in front of me in the form of a doctor because I had fainted on the second day and they took me to the small hospital near our house. The doctor was smiling after hearing my story he said “those are just fictional stories which have been written to explain how to live your life and it helps people in identifying what’s good and what’s bad in your life. Learn and get inspired from those stories but never repeat this.

Interviewer: But what is the connection of this to your theory?

Patel: After these long years of studies and research I happen to go back to India, That journey ignited this Question in my mind that “Why people in those olden ages talk about stories of God’s and boons. There were even mural paintings which date centuries behind, which shows Gods appearing in front of them, But nowadays we are not able to see the God. Why?!!” If you look at all the religious books the inner content is the same but it has been narrated in different ways. All these religious books happen to be written in different geographical locations yet they share many similarities. That means people in different parts of the world had witnessed or got trained by someone/or a group of people who believed in a common philosophy. If that is the case, who can that be? That was my trigger point

Interviewer: oofs, and we named that “Someone” as “God”, but you like to call it differently?Could you please explain more on that?

David Patel: Ya, maybe practically I felt that is more correct. Because, When I looked at the evolution of complex animals including human beings there is no solid one theory which proves that this has happened, and this is how it happened. There are so many theories around this space. Science keeps finding more and more evidence so the theories keep changing but still left with so many unanswered questions. So I like to inject one of my theory into this space of uncertainties and chaos. I will try explaining it in simple terms:

“Now we are in search for our next home, Maybe it is Mars, may be some other planet. But we are in constant search so that we can make human beings a multi-planetary species because eventually this planet will die but we want to make sure that human race is not ending. Let’s imagine we finalized on Planet-X as our next home then our next step will be to make that planet livable. We might need the plants, animals, food, infrastructure etc, which can adjust and survive in that atmosphere. We might need to create a human species which might look different but can survive in those conditions. So we keep experimenting and we keep visiting that planet and see how things are progressing.

I believe the same has happened in the long past on some other planet where they know for sure that their planet is going to die. So they went out for a search, a search for a planet which they can call their second home.There searched ended in the earth. They started colonizing Earth and transported their microbial’s, animals and plants to earth, many of them didn’t survive those survived didn’t last for long in the earth, they kept experimenting and at last, they were successful in creating a clone that can survive in the earth. One of those species happens to be human beings. A better clone of themselves who can survive in the earth’s atmosphere. They know for sure that these creatures cannot survive by them self and they need help, so they keep visiting us and helped us in many ways. When we are helpless or not sure how to proceed further we looked up and they came and helped us, we called them “GOD: The people who can do impossible and guide us in any impossible situations.”

As I said earlier now we are in search for a second home, Soon we will find one and we will start our experiments to make humans multi-planetary species, like our great grandfathers did from a distant galaxy.So the new species in the Planet-X would call us God.

Interviewer: That was a great narration, I know you have mentioned about so many facts/possibilities in the book about humanly impossible constructions which had happened in past. Could you please explain about some?

David Patel: mm I like to quote two examples, which I have detailed in my book

  1. Teotihuacan, Mexico:

This is demonstrated as an example of thorough knowledge of astronomy surpassing knowledge of later cultures. The Pyramid of the Sun at Mexico’s Teotihuacan lies at the center of a complex of pyramids, each aligned with a planet in the solar system. Long after this, we figured out that earth is round and is orbiting around the sun.

2. Kailasa Temple, Ellora, India:

  • This temple is carved out of a whole mountain side, and that too from bottom to top
  • There is no mention anywhere as to where the carved rubble was disposed. A temple of this much size certainly would have left a lot of rubble. And nowhere near the temple, it is found that the rubble was disposed of. Some say it was used to build some other structure, but no proof of any structure built from the same stone has been found.
  • Modern civil engineers say that it is impossible to build the same temple in modern times with modern technology in just 18 years. A feat that the ancient people did without the support of any advanced technology.

Interviewer: So you believe that all these are built by our great-great-grandfathers who used to live on some other planet.

Patel: Should be and I think this is also possible. As I mentioned earlier this is just another theory which can exist among many other theories about the evolution of complex creatures

Interviewer: Thanks a lot, Dr.David Patel for joining us and sharing with us about a mysterious history with lots of imagination. So here we end this week’s episode of “History Mystery and Imagination. Dare to believe it!!!” with the belief that” Soon we are going to be God’s”



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