What Corona Taught us, The true color of Countries, Leaders & Companies

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We are going through really tough times, really unprecedented times. Life is really difficult for all of us. But the tough times always teach us new life lessons. This pandemic has helped us in identifying the true color of the Nations, leaders, and companies who rave about humanitarian behavior.

The most powerful nations and its leaders are exploring ways to open up the economy, the biggest tech companies in the world are trying to capitalize the market using their new tech, Leaders are trying to come up with new stories which will help to open up the economy. If you look at it only a very few amount these groups thought about the people, the employees, and the sufferings. The majority of them were concerned about the economy which is getting killed by Corona and not about the people losing their lives.

We cannot blame any of these countries, leaders, or the companies because they themselves are capitalist and they should worry about the economy because the economy is being fed by these big businesses.

Many of us thought we are living in democratic countries, but the facts are “ capitalism controls democracy, and the capitalist is driven via profits and not via human necessities or human values “.

In the early 17th century Scottish philosopher Adam Smith figured out that a worker will make 4 pins in an hour so he will be making 32 pins in a day (8 hours work schedule). This means 10 workers will make 320 pins a day. He called it the division of labor. He is one who first said it’s profitable to pay employees than maintaining slaves. He actually paved the way to the paid slavery- “the so-called employment “ He also said capitalism is a way to make money and create equality in society because all sectors of the economy will get a division of the wealth. His ideas removed the moral suspicion around capitalism.

This ideology later in history moralized the concept that it’s ok to force children to work in factories because we are working in factories for the betterment of society.

Even after these many years, we follow the factory model of 8 hours. The productivity of the company is based on what they produce. Which in turn is calculated based on the 8-hours logic. Who is gaining with this model? Now our economy is being hit by Corona and all businesses are struggling and dying. This means we all are struggling because the share of the business is coming to us also. Now the economical experts and companies are coming up with new ideas “ In order to overcome this situation we need to work 12 hours a day”. If you compare with the analysis of Adam Smith: we will be able to make 48 pins instead of 32 pins. Soon 12 hours will become the new norm of business hours. Who is winning with this? I am not sure…

Because think about the excess pins and profits which are being created over a period of time. Was it distributed fairly among the employees and society? Or the majority went to the elite capitalist class?

Recently one of my old colleague lost his job. He is in his mid-forties and was working for that company for the last 15 plus years. In these tough times, companies are forced to take desperate measures. Companies don't have any other options. But think about this,

15 years before, the company was not as big as it is now. He spend his young years for this company. He was passionate about his work and spends days and nights on the company floor. He missed out playing with his kids, fun time with his family, etc. He was working hard for the company and for himself. Years have passed the company has grown into such a big tree, then came the corona storm. Now the company can’t handle the weight of the branches so they started chopping the branches off. We are empathetic to the company that they are forced to do so. But what about the life he lost, what will happen to him and his family. He was with the company during the bad times but now he is all alone in his bad time.

Think, Who lost in this game?

Today it happened for my old colleague. Tomorrow this could be your future and you will be left all alone…

Last week when I was listening to my younger one's school they were teaching about the prince, princess, and castles. That made me think, why they are not teaching about tales of farmers, bakers or butchers. We are planting the seed of capitalism at a very young age. These stories and ideologies are preparing us for the rat race of the future. Instead of this, we should be teaching them about the value of life, humanity, etc.

Not sure what is right and what is wrong… but this pandemic has shown us the true colors of many of the countries, leaders, and companies. It also brought the light to our life that there is no meaning in this rat race. Instead, we should be doing something which is satisfying us, don’t be dependent on these companies and leaderships. Do something which makes your self sustainable and brings joy to you and your family.

What should we do instead of the capitalist mentality? Will we be able to do that? I don't have answers and I am not sure. At least we should teach the next generation….

Product Management Leader | eCom End to End Scholar | Coach | Digital&Agile Transformation Meister

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